Our Core Focus Areas

When our peers overlook the pre-planning, we never fail to do the basics right. We ask the right questions to our stakeholders that centers around their target audience. This discussion helps our developers in laying down the appropriate blueprint from the system’s perspective.

Business IT Strategy

Understanding the fundamental business challenges is key to architecting the right solution. We help our clients uncover their needs through Agile methodology.

Web Application

Cloud-based applications allow customers to interact with your business and give employees better tools to be more efficient and effective in their role.

Mobile Applications

Well-designed and feature-rich, mobile applications can give teams and customers a better and more consistent experience no matter where they are.

SAAS Business Applications

Extend the functionality of existing software, create custom integrations with your cloud applications, or even create your own SaaS product that meets your business needs.

Custom API Developement

Communication between business systems is critical in today’s connected world. API development and integration allows your business systems to stay in sync.

Minimum Viable Products Design

Understand the viability of your product through feedback and testing of the most important components before investing in a complete build.

User Experience

User experience is the art and science of designing software flows that are frictionless and intuitive. Our process is designed to uncover the best experience for your users.

Data Security

Security should be a high priority for any business application. Having top-notch security will protect your customer’s information, business data, and profits.

Scalability & Maintainability

An important part of good application design is the ability to scale with growth in users and database size as well as the ability easily to maintain the code that was written previously.

Application Development Process

Creating a well-developed application requires a fully developed process. Through iterative development cycles, White Lotus ensures that you have a usable application quickly and that additional features and functionality are added with each release.

Understand the need through discovery

Define, evaluate, and prioritize features

Design the application

Build and review




Technologies We Work With

Our skilled developers and programmers leverage core programming technologies such as Java, PHP, .Net, ROR, JS and more to develop web applications that are highly scalable, secure and cater awesome user experience whether back-end or Front-end.

When to Consider Custom Application Development

The reasons to consider building – or extending – an application are varied.

Consider building a custom application or feature when:

  • Your existing application is missing important functionality
  • There isn’t a current application that meets your needs
  • Applications exists that have more functionality than you need, and cost more than you can afford
  • The cost to convert an application to your needs outstrips the cost to build your own

Let’s Make Big Things Happens

We help startups, as well as enterprises, convert their potentials ideas into profitable realities.

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Experience Quality Customer Software with White Lotus’s Application Development

Custom application development is core to who White Lotus is and on what our company is based. We excel because we listen, understand your business need, and then fulfill that need with high-quality, perfectly designed, well-written, and completely tested applications. We’ve worked with many SMB and enterprise businesses to solve their operational and technical challenges and have won awards for the work we’ve done.

We have the knowledge and the experience to build the right solutions for your business when you need it. Solutions that will drive your business forward, freeing you to do the work of delighting your customers.

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