Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, which is also widely known as PPC, is an advertising platform used by businesses where they pay whenever each user clicks on their posted ads. But here the advertiser only pays for qualified clicks as the ads are decided on the prearranged per-click rate.

This form of advertising is prevalent and most closely associated with Google, though you can see PPC ads on Facebook, Bing, and other places as well. The users you’re hoping will click on your ads are searching for specific services, information, or products. With PPC, advertisers can bid for ad placement, typically through the sponsored links via a search engine, such as Google.

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Process of PPC


The first step of PPC involves neat planning. The Click Lab team starts with the creation of a plan for the upliftment of business. Defining what you want to achieve with PPC is probably the most important part of building an effective planning strategy.


Research involves our team undergoing a study about the business to define audience, place, and so on. It’s important to consider all the targeting options available when developing a PPC campaign strategy with AdWords.


After planning and spending time on research, the team of Click Lab will start to implement the strategies. This is where the real tasks take place. Our team is defined towards rendering the best to the clients and that is why implementation begins with setting parameters to google analytics for tracking.


PPC is considered to be beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. Execution begins from creating a google ads account of the business to setting up the new campaigns and running ads for them. Proper keyword research is carried on with support to ads.

Tracking Results

Tracking advertising performance helps you to meet your marketing goals. Website analytics tools let you see where your visitors are coming from. Knowing which channels – and which PPC keywords – are successful will help you refine your approach and direct more resources towards methods that work for you.

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Why PPC?


You will be able to exactly determine how much should your return on investment be since the campaigns are meant for carefully measuring effectiveness.


If you compare organic search to paid search you will be assured of quick results. The efforts that you put into PPC will be shown immediately from the instant results.


In the PPC campaigns, you’re allowed to keep customizing until you get on the right track of what works best for you. You even have options to pause or delete anytime you wish.

Cost Effective:

This form of advertising is considered value for money as each click is directed to your website/landing page/sales page and gives you complete control over the budget.

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