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    Get professionally-built, scalable pages in just 7 days

    Professional, branded dynamic landing pages aren’t built in 10 minutes by marketers with “no design experience.” They’re built by us.

    Step 1

    Tell us what you need

    Your Dedicated Onboarding Consultant will guide you through the setup process. Give us your brand goals, images, copy, integrations and other assets and constraints so your page meets every requirement.

    You don’t have to deal with pre-built templates, drag & drop headaches or missing brand fonts.

    Step 2

    Get back to your day job while we build your Master Template

    Your Master Template is built according to your needs and specifications. 3rd party integrations, APIs and migrations are implemented and connected with no work on your part.

    Your template includes static elements that are consistent across pages and dynamic components that will be unique for each page. Pages are hosted by RallyMind and live on your domain.

    Step 3

    Launch & easily update your landing pages

    Build your first landing page by adding a row to your Google Sheet with the text, images and other data you need. Instantly make changes to your landing pages by updating your Google Sheet with current information.

    Step 4

    Scale your campaigns

    Your sheet is easily shared and edited by anyone on your team. Adding a new page is as simple as creating a new row.

    All your integrations without hiccups or headaches

    No more wasting hours and days troubleshooting tools that claim to connect in minutes. We connect your favorite and “gotta have” integrations. Your time lost: 0 seconds.

    Personalized Landing Pages with High Returns

    Click Lead Close offers the best landing page design Florida that can offer you with an affordable and efficient lead generation solution. Let us steer you toward success by turning visitors into customers. We offer the perfect solution to bring your business to the top of the e-commerce market.

    Exemplary Landing Page Design Agency That Aims to Boost Your Online Sales

    Once you have developed a stunning website, the next step is to take your business to the top of the WebSphere and attract more customers. Generate more leads with our landing page design services that are personalized for your brand. Click Lead Close develops stunning landing pages with custom lead magnets that attract more customers and more sales..


    Why are landing pages so important for online sales?

    Landing pages offer the perfect channel to attract more visitors and in turn, convert them into customers. Landing pages are designed uniquely with the main goal of convincing potential customers to choose your business. Elements such as lead magnets and call-to-actions are the main feature of a landing page and they are critical to improving sales.

    Should I get a landing page designed by an expert?

    If you are a business that operates online, then landing pages are crucial to your success. They are the perfect gateway to more customers. If you are looking to attract more clients and boost your sales, then we suggest you have one designed

    Why should I work with Click Lead Close?

    Click Lead Close is one of the best landing page design agencies in Florida. Our expert digital marketers have worked with several clients from various different industries. This offers us the know-how and experience required to design the best landing pages for your business.

    What returns can I expect from getting a landing page design?

    We design customized landing pages that are ideal for the industry and market in which our customers operate. With the help of our exceptionally designed lead magnets, you are sure to benefit from a landing page. With the help of a landing page, you will attract more customers by changing your visitors into leads and ultimately achieving higher sales

    How can I utilize my website's landing pages?

    Landing pages are the gateway to more customers. Once you have published an effective landing page, the next step will be to link it in your promos, e-mails, newsletters, and advertisements. That way, your client will have the perfect portal to connect and transact with your business

    Custom Landing Page Design that Convert

    Our team designs clean and modern landing page template with expertly-placed,compelling Calls-To-Action, perfectly customized according to your company’s brand needs.

    • Target marketing and start-up campaigns
    • Social media marketing campaigns
    • SEM and Adwords marketing campaigns
    • Special event promotional campaigns
    • Click-through landing pages
    • Lead generation landing pages
    • Special offer landing pages
    • Web-based and mobile apps

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